• Do not compare your progress to that of others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.
  • Do not be hard on yourself any time you don’t seem to make any progress. The greatest leaps forwards are made in times of stagnation.
  • Change is an ongoing process with no clear ending. Don’t wait out until you’ve reached the big finish.
  • Celebrate your small accomplishments.
  • Do not only have an eye for how fast you are going, but also consider how far you can go.
  • The way back up is a period of ups and downs. Do not let a temporary set-back drag you back under.
  • By fixating on too big a step we often prevent ourselves from taking the small steps needed to actually get there.
  • Becoming aware of your mistakes feels like a step back, but it is actually a step forwards.
  • Acknowledge yourself. As long as you belittle your accomplishments you cannot make any real progress.
  • Understanding what to do does not automatically mean that you can instantly do it. Be patient with yourself while you practice this new habit.
  • Let me walk the route of change/progress with you and your journey will be an easier one.
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