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I take calls and appointments, from 10 - 6, Mon-Fri, plus appointments outside these hours depending on your needs and my availability.


I work particularly in Leitrim and Dublin, and locations in between. I meet with you, my client in a mutually agreed location.

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Nuala Duignan Life Coach COVID-19 policies and procedures

At Nuala Duignan Life Coach every precaution is being taken to protect the health of our clients. With this in mind, if any of the following apply to you, please get in touch to re-arrange your appointment.

  • You have symptoms of a fever, sore throat, runny nose, high temperature, breathlessness, flu like symptoms or loss of taste/smell.
  • You have been diagnosed with Covid-19 or with suspected Covid-19, in the last 14 days.
  • You have been in contact with anyone suspected of having, or diagnosed with Covid, in the last 14 days.

  • **NB** When attending your appointment
  • Please wear a mask.
  • Hand sanitizers are available onsite.

    Weighing scalesRead more +21 July 2021 By Nuala Duignan in All, Change Focus, GOALS, MOTIVATION, POSITIVITY, Purpose

    Are You Hesitant in Saying NO?

    Saying NO need not be viewed always as a negative in life. Once you know what serves you best and realising when saying NO can actually be of benefit to you and also be life affirming. Saying NO usually results in saying yes to something else. As we all have limited time to do all the things we aim to do, by saying NO to one thing it can mean something else of greater importance is being dealt with. Saying NO can mean that you need to gently refuse to fulfil another’s current request. However, by letting them know you cannot attend to their request immediately but at the same time offering an alternative.
    Compass on a mapRead more +16 July 2021 By Nuala Duignan in All, BEAT PROCRASTINATION, Change Focus, GOALS, Gratitude, MOTIVATION

    Can You Do with Guidance in your Current Situation?

    Woman thinkingRead more +13 July 2021 By Nuala Duignan in BEAT PROCRASTINATION, Change Focus, GOALS, Gratitude, HUMOUR AND POSITIVITY, MOTIVATION, POSITIVITY, Purpose

    How Do You Cope With Your Challenges?

    “Over analysis can lead to paralysis”, so why do we over-analyze situations? Always remember you are not on your own with whatever issue you have right now. You share challenges and imperfections with your fellow human beings. We all make mistakes, but always keep in mind worse things happen to others. You need to mind yourself and not beat yourself up.