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Feeling Confused?

We all have the ability to be our own best guide and expert. But the reality is, many of us feel confused and need support with our journey of life.

Goal Setting

Think about a success you’ve previously had, whether small or big.
WHAT motivated you to pursue that goal?
What kept you going?

Positive Aging

I encourage you to celebrate this third phase of your life. We are living longer now. It’s now your time to work on that dream work/leisure activity you always dreamt of.



As a Professional Life Coach and Author of “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain World” – Choose Happiness Daily, my Life Coaching practice evolved from a passion for positivity in my own and other people’s lives.

When I needed a change of direction in my own life, and discovered Life Coaching in 2005, it proved to be the catalyst to many great happenings for me.  I qualified with a Personal and Business Coaching Diploma en route towards pursuing my passion for positive change.

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Nuala Duignan ~ Personal Life Coach

Based on 9 reviews
Lyndsay Considine
Lyndsay Considine
Nuala is a fantastic coach. She is warm and professional, and very understanding and patient. I highly recommend her for goal setting, empowerment and general wellness.
Mary Byron
Mary Byron
Testimonial. . I had been thinking about retiring from work for some months but- couldn’t seem to make any progress towards it. I was completely stuck in a rut. I knew that I didn’t just want to give up my full time job and then stay at home and do nothing particular with my time. I knew that I needed an action plan to help me move into my retirement. Nuala was instrumental in helping me to find just that . She was very approachable and comfortable to work with. Through engaging with her I learned that I needed to plan towards having another structure for my life – to take the place of work and that it was important too for it to be one which was balanced. My plan needed to include room for me to pursue activities in which I have an interest, such as volunteer work. However, It was also important that there should be was a health/fitness aspect to my life. Nuala nudged me along steadily but firmly through our sessions. She probed me in order to find out the kinds of activities and interests I enjoyed and then ensured that I researched the way in which I could pursue these activities. . Through working with Nuala I succeeded in putting together a plan for my retirement which I am very pleased with. Nuala also provided me with some very helpful tools to assist me with life’s challenges, including the “Wheel Of Life” which I will continue to use as I have found it very useful for evaluating where my life is at. I am so happy now that I am ready to move on to the next phase of my life. Without Nuala’s help it would have been extremely difficult for me to make my plan. I would highly recommend Nuala to anyone who is at a turning point/ crossroads in their life . (Máire.-South Dublin )
As life coaching focusses on your strengths rather than your weaknesses Nuala explores your strengths with you. Nuala is a brilliant listener and very soon picked up on my strengths. From completing the wheel of life I could clearly see that my work was draining all my energy. I was stuck in a rut and stuck in a cycle of saying ‘yes’ to everything that was asked of me. I sacrificed breaks throughout the day in order to satisfy my employer and stayed at work well into the evening.. I thought that saying yes to everything was a strength but in reality it was overwhelming me and leaving me burnt out. Nuala empowered me to change my thinking and we identified how my strengths could be used to achieve my work goal. My goal was to reduce my work load and work within the normal employee hours. Life coaching is solution focussed and forward thinking and with Nuala’s encouragement I repeatedly wrote and discussed where I wanted to be in the future. It became clear that in order to be in a happier place at work I had to be pro-active. This meant meeting with my employer and discussing how I needed to reduce my work load. It was the first time in my life that I put myself first and work second. It has been such a liberating experience. I also found that the meeting with my employer was not daunting or confrontational (as I feared) but rather a discussion about how my needs could be met at work. I have no doubt without Nuala’s life coaching skills I would still be stuck in a rut at work and burnt out. Now I have more energy for living life as I should. The positive experience of life coaching has spilled over in to my personal life. I recently did another wheel of life and it has dramatically improved especially in the area of self-compassion. I will continue to use the knowledge and skills that Nuala has taught me for the rest of my life.
Declan Doorly
Declan Doorly
There are times when an independent sounding board with the tool kit that helps you create a framework for self improvement is needed and Nuala works with you to get this from your own voice, in a personal and authentic way. Working with Nuala was extremely positive.
Fionnuala Lagan
Fionnuala Lagan
I met Nuala through the ReBoot programme a number of months ago. I have worked with Nuala on a professional level and have found her to be very diligent, hard working, thorough and dedicated to her work, constantly striving to offer her clients the benefits of her experience, reading and research. Nuala is a pleasure to speak with and ensures every client is treated with respect and dignity. Her approach to each person's unique challenge is refreshing and reflective of her commitment to initiating a quality response and facilitating a plan to move forward to significantly improve and optimize their quality of life, health and overall wellbeing.
Grace Aherne
Grace Aherne
Nuala has a highly professional yet approachable and down to earth manner. The way she works is very practical, empathetic and encouraging. Over a number of coaching sessions she helped me to change some limiting beliefs and behaviors and she motivated me to progress various life goals that I had felt blocked in. I would highly recommend Nuala's life coaching, I found the whole experience very beneficial and haven't looked back since our coaching sessions.
Hilary Macbride
Hilary Macbride
Nuala is wonderful person, we met many yrs ago. My mother had heard Nuala speaking on local radio and got a copy of her book for me. Several times I went to pick it up, finally I read it from start to finish, I felt I needed to meet Nuala in person. I reached out, she gave me sound advice, changed my thinking, and gave me a new perspective, which I will always appreciate I changed the direction of my life with simple techniques. A person who makes people see their worth, embrace positive opportunities, and that in every challenge provides greater personal growth. Wonderful asset to individuals and organisations. Sincerely, Hilary
Erica Fortune
Erica Fortune
I went to Nuala when I was feeling quite overwhelmed and unsure about where I was going with my life. I had moved back home from the UAE and I wasn't in a very positive or motivating position and making easy life decisions was really difficult for me and I got quite anxious. I was back at the beginning looking for jobs and not really knowing many in my area. I felt lonely and unsure of myself. Nuala supported me through making decisions and taking action and that got me back in the game and moving forward again. I had gotten so caught up and stuck in my own head. She helped me network and secure a job, realise how many things I had achieved in my life to date and also how to appreciate and acknowledge these. Nuala gave me the tools and resources I needed to point myself in the right direction to my usual bubbly/ambitious self. Of course I still have days were I can feel 'stuck' or unsure but I don't get bogged down in it anymore. I have the ability and knowledge now to use the tools that Nuala provided to redirect my energy on what I want to actually focus on. Nuala is very approachable and easy to talk to. She is kind and accommodating. She has a very gentle approach to telling you things need to hear and the resources to support you through navigating your life choices and decisions, be that in relationships, social aspects of your life, financial or professional challenges and changes. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to meet and work with Nuala and I'm definitely all the better of it now.
John Cronin
John Cronin
Nuala is very supportive and the level of contact is great for what I needed. I'm noticing real changes in my ability to focus in both work and personal life. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Nuala.

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