One temptation that besets many of us is to take ourselves so seriously that we begin to attach great weight to unimportant gestures. Humor is a wonderful tool for shaping us back down to size. So let’s be grateful for the gift of true humor wherever we encounter it. It gives us strength to continue on. Laughter does not mean carelessness. Each of us must make our way through these serious times, carefully ordering our priorities and doing what we need to do to safeguard our spiritual growth.

Don’t compare your progress to that of others. We all need our own time to travel our own distance.

Don’t be hard on yourself any time you don’t seem to make any progress. The greatest leaps forwards are made in times of stagnation.

Change is an ongoing process with no clear ending. Don’t wait out until you’ve reached the big finish. Celebrate your small accomplishments.

Don’t only have eye for how fast you are going, but also consider how far you can go.

The way back up is a period of ups and downs. Don’t let a temporary set-back drag you back under.

By fixating on too big a step we often prevent ourselves from taking the small steps needed to actually get there.

Becoming aware of your mistakes feels like a step back, but is actually a step forwards.

Acknowledge yourself. As long as you belittle your accomplishments you can’t make any real progress.

Understanding what to do doesn’t automatically mean that you can instantly do it. Be patient with yourself while you practice that new habit.

Let me “walk the route” of change/progress with you and your “journey” will be an easier one.

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