April, a new month

A new living for us all we hope. As we move into the second quarter of 2021 we have all learnt a lot about ourselves? Have we taken some of this time out to re-assess where we are in our lives? Life coaching provides the support necessary to find a route out of a situation where you may feel stuck. Coaching will provide you with the tools necessary to take that first step towards a renewed life.

Spring is here, sunshine, bird song and nature s growth in our gardens and hedgerows. Let’s all enjoy what we have for free! It is about noticing all the nature around us. We can "begin to smell the roses rather than touching the thorns"

What a sunrise this morning! It gives us reason to have a positive mind-set for the day ahead and let us remember Dolly Parton s song "if you do not like the road you’re walking start paving another one"
When I meet a client it is always important to enquire from them what matters to you in contrast to what’s the matter with you. Focus on overall wellness is always my priority and that usually begins with the question what will happen if you do not change your current situation? It is a simple concept but a very important one. The client and life coach mutually design a simple holistic plan of action-steps together. I hold you, the client accountable from one session to the next for the actions taken.

Each evening consider 3 things, activities or happenings from the day for which you feel gratitude. Best practice is to log those activities and design a gratitude journal. Studies have found that being grateful can increase your happiness level by as much as 25 per cent. Try it tonight and continue for the next 5 eves until it becomes habitual.

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