Change Can be Challenging

Ask anyone who has tried to switch careers, develop a new skill, or break a habit of a lifetime how challenging change has proved for them. For most people change will at some point be necessary. It is a critical step towards fulfilling their true potential and achieving their goals, both at work and at home.

To achieve that change you can try to go it alone, but why would you? Change before the Covid pandemic was, and still is our new constant. Because this pandemic is all-consuming, everyone knows that some change is inevitable, so levels of engagement are higher than in other situations. The speed, the complexity and the volume of change has been escalating throughout the year. If we ever needed to be reminded of the need to be change-ready, the pandemic has taught us that hard lesson. There has not been an individual or organisation in the country who has not been affected to some degree. The one good thing about this change is that every individual is aware of what is going on whereas in the past and still in many situations, decisions to change can be made in the boardroom and people at the front line can feel left out and “in the dark”. Change is often resisted during this situation. Individuals resist change when they are not respected and consulted about the imminent change. Human beings do resist coercion. Most people will engage with change when they can clearly see why it is happening on the one hand and on the other hand, when they see “what’s in it for me”.
Whether you see change as an opportunity or a threat is up to you, as it is ultimately down to how you cope with it.
There's no better time to consider change than the present time.

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