Conquer Your Challenges Today

  • Cultivating the mindset of the endurance athlete and understanding the importance of physical fitness in reaching your goals, be they personal or business. It is impossible not to feel better and more empowered when physically fit.
  • Believing that often the only thing preventing us from reaching our goals is ourselves.
  • When we continue to do as we’ve always done we will continue to get the same results. Gerry has a saying which he repeats often “a small key opens big doors” which we can interpret as starting with small steps towards achieving major goals.
  • We waste a lot of our time and energy by worrying. We generally worry about 90% of things which never happen. Worry can be classed as negative goal setting.       If we want to beat the worry pattern we should tackle it by taking three essential steps:-
  1. Analyse the situation fearlessly and honestly.
  2. Figure out the worst case scenario and accept this possibility.
  3. Then devote your time and energy towards improving the situation.Having an attitude of gratitude will enable you to realize all that’s good and right in your life before you begin to tackle a current challenging situation. Always review the positives in your life. There are three categories of people:
  4. You can always create solutions by rationalizing your current situation. Confront that challenge as soon as possible. Do not procrastinate. Just try and shut down the side of the brain that’s negative.
  • Those who say it can’t happen
  • Those who make it happen and
  • Those who ask, what happened?

Success in these times can be classed as going from failure to failure without a loss of enthusiasm. So, get motivated today, take action and build your own moment in life!

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are” – Theodore Rossevelt

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