Dealing with Our Fears

In our modern lives the future is less certain for most of us than ever before. The pace of change is increasing all the time and there is less certainty in our working lives. This can mean for many of us that our fear response is engaged lot of the time. However, we owe it to ourselves to tackle those fears as we encounter them in whatever way is most appropriate to our current situation.

  • Replace the negative feelings with positive and happy thoughts.
  • Learn to enjoy the simple things like a sunny day.
  • Be mindful of the lush green trees and foliage emerging into Spring from the dormant Winter season.
  • Listen to the bird song and play your favourite music every chance you get.
  • Don’t forget about the Dawn Chorus in this month of May!

Sometimes we allow the feeling of fear influence our choices in life. We often choose the ‘safest’ option and this can severely limit the joy and satisfaction of availing of great opportunities which we encounter on our life’s journey.  As a result of this we can be living half-lives due to fear. In my experience as a Life Coach fear is the number one reason we choose not to follow our dreams. Fear can even prevent us from going for what we really want and are capable of pursuing in life.  We need to “push through” that fear threshold daily in order to move on. When we feel the fear and do it anyway we will be living more “in flow” with our lives and be able to gain the most from each and every day.

We have far more choice and opportunity now than ever before, much more than our parents or grandparents before us.  Without allowing fear get in our way we can relish all of these new opportunities.

  • We can travel to exciting destinations for holidays or even live in different countries.
  • We can develop our own business or study a subject of our choice at any age.
  • We can pursue a multitude of hobbies and interests during our lifetime.
  • We can enjoy all the great things life has to offer us.

However, we can only benefit and enjoy all of this only if we beat that “enemy” called

FEAR –  False Evidence Appearing Real

Basking in the JOY not The Fear

  • Do not be trapped in yesterday.
  • Do not let the past throw a shadow over your todays’.
  • Respect the past but do not be governed by it.
  • Do not allow the past hold you back or yield to anxieties/fears about the future.
  • Today is a Gift. Use it as that.

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