Don’t Allow Change Distract You From Your Goals

The idea of change is not new. The most common response to change is resistance. We resist change because of our fear of the unknown and our desire to remain in our “comfort zone”. Often we look back with nostalgia and see the past as a brighter time. People who fear change often see themselves as victims. They feel unprepared to conquer whatever may come.

Three Tips towards conquering Fear of Change

Fear, can be turned into positive energy by choosing to do so. When everything around you changes, get rid of your doubts and insecurities and control your situation by taking charge of where you are at:

  • Be proud of who you are and all of your past achievements.
  • Be confident in your ability to cope with what life throws at you.
  • Be strong in your beliefs.

Although it may seem easier to react negatively, you’ll enjoy more lasting benefits if you challenge yourself to find the positive aspects and opportunities that lie within every change. If you are not in control, you will be swayed in every direction, like a ship without a rudder. On the other hand, when you are in control, you will be in “the driving seat of your life”. You are the only person who will decide how change can be used to your advantage.

I coached somebody last week who had unexpectedly last his job and initially considered his situation hopeless and negative. We began by exploring his options and viewed his hobby of playing guitar at week-ends. We set about designing the development of a music business as a means of income. Three years later he is a successful business man in the music business. This person took control of his situation and decided to change his mindset from the shock of negativity to positive change.

When you remain in control of your situation and work with somebody who will support you, you will be sure to gain positive results.

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