Feel That Inner Smile

A smile is something money can’t buy. Positive attitude comes with a smile! Negative thoughts are infectious. Once you wear a long face, if affects all around you, It is very easy to slip into negative thinking. Optimists have failures too, but they tend to blame the failure on factors that are external to themselves, temporary and specific to this instance.

For the negative person however, they claim it is their own fault, and it always happens to them. They take Murphy’s Law to heart, “if it can go wrong, it will”…They look on the glass as always half empty. There are also people who have learnt the behavior of negativity, people who “hide their light/talents under a bushel”. The great dinner was only “thrown together” etc. Don’t you just long for them to express joy, laughter and a smile even now and again. Take for example you join a group of friends who are having a great time and you walk in with a long face, what effect will this have on the group? On the contrary, if you walk in to find this group down in the dumps and you approach them with a smile, you automatically make things look up. A smile releases endorphins, which give you a natural high. Whilst reading this think of a person or a place you love. Feel that inner smile.

Once you walk with an air of self-confidence, automatically you will act as a magnet, other people will want to join you, and speak with you. The same goes for wearing that smile. Smiling and positive speak will draw people towards you subconsciously.

Much of our mood comes down to feeling in control of what happens in our life. This determines how we deal with the unpleasant things that befall everyone. Positive people identify the stressor and take a problem-solving approach to deal with it. Others adopt what has been termed “learnt helplessness”. They come to believe that it does not matter what they do. What happens is beyond their control.

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