Let’s Plan Not to Take Ourselves Too Serious For The New Year

One temptation that besets many of us is to take ourselves so seriously that we begin to attach great weight to unimportant gestures. Humor is a wonderful tool for shaping us back down to size. So let’s be grateful for the gift of true humor wherever we encounter it. It gives us strength to continue on. Laughter does not mean carelessness. Each of us must make our way through these serious times, carefully ordering our priorities and doing what we need to do to safeguard our spiritual growth.

We can make of our experiences what we choose. We can focus on the traffic snarls while traveling to work or we can smile because we have a job to go to and a car to carry us there!! We can be angry because the washing machine broke down, or grateful that we’ve been free for a while of the laundry hassle! Every experience offers us an opportunity to respond, and our response is always a reflection of our emotions. We choose to be angry, depressed or afraid. We can just as easily decide to be happy or confident. And the exciting realization for us is that we are free to choose whatever pleases us. Even though we’ve gotten mad for years over traffic jams it does not mean we can’t give up the anger. How liberating it will be to claim back control of our positive emotions, our attitudes. You can decide to allow your mind/your thoughts to control you or you control them and put them to work positively for you. Censor your thoughts and banish the negative ones. It takes effort but it can be done. You don’t have to go around with a foolish grin on your face, but do experiment with that inner smile, it works wonders!

Once we take control of our situation and decide to make our decisions it is surprising how our lives can change for the better. It does appear easier to wallow and procrastinate and while most proverbs have a few grains of truth, “procrastination is the thief of time”. Also, as mentioned above not taking control, procrastination can be the cause of misery and guilt at the same time. We all know those people who are always meaning to do something but never quite get around to it, and regularly we see that person in the mirror?!

In conclusion, there is magic in believing in our capabilities at the moment, believing in our future potential, believing that we are worthy human beings with a purpose for being alive. However, the chance is present every moment to realize new dreams, to progress to new heights, to switch whatever course we are presently traveling on. All it takes is a changed attitude, commitment to a new idea, and the accompanying belief in the idea’s potential.

Any idea held in our mind can become a reality.

Do you feel you could do with realizing your ideas? No more procrastination. Are you inclined to see the glass half empty but would like to view it half full? Call me now and we can take the route to your brighter reality together

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