Leverage Your Special Talents

Looking back at your career, what has been most responsible for your success in life and work to date?

Do What You Love To Do

You are designed in such a way that you will most enjoy doing the very things that you have the ability to be the very best at:

What is it you enjoy most about your current work or work you could do?

  • The very fact that you enjoy this particular work means that you have the capability to be excellent in this area?
  • One of your great responsibilities in life is for you to decide for yourself what it is that you really love to do and then to throw your whole heart into doing that special thing/activity very well.
  • Look at that many tasks and responsibilities you have had in the past.  What is it that gets you the most compliments from other people or past employers?
  • What do you do that positively affects the work and performance of other people more than anyone else?

Successful, happy people are invariably those who have taken the time to identify what they do well and most enjoy.  They know what they do that really makes a difference in their work and they then concentrate on the task or area of activity exclusively.

You should always focus your best energies and abilities on starting and completing those key tasks where your unique talents and abilities enable you to do it well and make a significant contribution

You cannot do everything but you can do those things in which you excel and will make a big difference.  This is the key to unlocking your personal potential.

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