Mindfullness for 2016

You can only breathe in the NOW. You can’t breathe in the past and you can’t breathe in the future. If only we could learn this truth! How much of our headspace is taken up by delving back into our past or going too far forward into the future?

Clients often ask me “how is it possible to be happy as we try to survive these economic challenges”? The answer may in part be found by looking at people who have been dealt a seemingly impossible card by life and still manage to remain upbeat. How can this be, you may ask?

Try factoring in ten minutes once a week to record, at least three positive experiences from your week and continue to do this for six weeks. Through this simple exercise of positive awareness you will find an increasing level of contentment. You will be mindful of, and begin to value the little things in your life. This does not mean material possessions, it generally means what we often take for granted like good health, family and friends. A kind act for a neighbour, or just a friendly “hello”. Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” by being mindful daily of all we have, not what we don’t have. Because we are so “hardwired” to pay attention to the negatives we encounter, we forget to pay attention to all the positives in our lives.

So let’s begin today, to live every day mindfully, to be grateful for the good things and this awareness will help us deal with the challenges we encounter in our daily lives.

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