My Book Rewiew: “Charting Your Life’s Roadmap”

I would like to recommend Author, Nuala Duignan.


Because she had a goal – a big goal.  To publish her very own book in 2013 to inspire confidence and happiness daily.

She had limited resources yet she committed to writing and self-publishing her own book – Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain world.

She took massive action and made it happen in the spring of this year

What is ‘Charting Your Life’s Roadmap in an Uncertain world’ about?

Nuala’s book is a self-coaching book for those who seek a compelling future and need a guide to get from where they are at to where they want to be.  The book is short only eighty-eight pages) so it can be easily read in one or two nights.  The message is simple yet highly effective and motivational.


1. Life Coaching

2. Goals & Outcomes

3. Your attitude to the World

4. Self-confidence

5. Discipline & Habits

6. Redundancy & Doing it for Yourself

7. Time Managment & Workplace Stress

8. Customer Care

Nuala is not your typical author – She has a passion for transforming the lives of others and this small book is her way of bringing her simple message to the world.

For those holding back from writing their own book – they need to hear Nuala’s inspirational story.   By taking baby steps and holding true to your dream one can accomplish great things.   Nuala reminds me of this daily both in words and in action.

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