New Year Reality Check

As another year dawns, it’s an ideal time to reflect on your achievements, celebrate your wins and consider your goals for the coming year and beyond.

January is a good time to think about fresh starts.  We all need a fresh start now and then, and the beginning of a New Year is an ideal time to begin. We have endured some complex years recently.  Many of us enter the New Year with lowered expectations.  But there will be opportunities too.  There is fear though, that our economy is going to make earning a decent living more tricky.  Fear causes worry.  It gradually digs itself in until it paralyses our reasoning and it can kill our initiative.   During an economic downturn we can be filled with fear and worry and both of those states of mind can be really destructive.

So why not instead choose the coming year to be:

  • Another Year, another chance
  • To start our lives anew
  • This time we’ll leap old barriers
  • To have a real breakthrough
  • We’ll take one little step
  • And then we’ll take one more
  • Our unlimited potential
  • We’ll totally explore

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