Positivity in the Face of Adversity

For so long things had been “booming” economically. There was cheap credit, high property prices and tremendous jobs growth. We have gone from “boom to burst” and it looks like certain areas are heading for “boom” again!. It’s like we were sold a false vision of what’s important, and in the process, we became “blinded” to what really counts. We now have a chance to look with “new eyes” at our lives and what we’re about.

We must bear in mind though, that all this negative news can get over-emphasised by the media. Fear can act as a means of persuasionAre you allowing the media persuade you into “a doom and gloom mindset”?  Why not consider taking the next month and actively decide to avoid the negative news on T.V and in the newspapers.  It is often the negative input you “feed” into your mind that consumes your thoughts and prevents you from viewing the positives in your life.  It’s all about “filling your mind “with positive input.  This can come from what you read, what you listen to and the people you spend your time with.  With that positive attitude you will find yourself with more motivation each day to take the necessary actions towards a positive life.We can indeed feel helpless, negative and lethargic, sometimes, even frustrated and resentful by the situations we find ourselves in.  We can live in fear which is determined by circumstances we perceive as beyond our control.  The opposite of powerlessness however, is being in control.  An ability to tackle the situation head-on, identify the stressor and then take a problem-solving approach to deal with it.  It is a calm conviction about who we are, and our ability to deal positively with our current situation and with success.

Begin today, the first day of a new week  by focusing on what is right in your life, rather than what’s wrong.  Since we are so conditioned into noticing the negatives we often overlook the good in our lives.  We should celebrate the good which are very often the simple things

“If you want to lift yourself up, lift someone else up first” – Boker T. Washington

Socio economic shifts have been known to affect our health so therefore, it is imperative on each one of us to look after our thought processes.   Try and do not allow outside circumstances determine how you feel.  It is how you react to, and deal with those circumstances that matters.

Life coaching will assist you in becoming more mindful of all the positives you are surrounded by and I will support you in becoming the person you would like to be.  Learn to create a trail of happiness as you go forward in your life.  Not many people achieve all they want in life by themselves.  Without support, it is all too easy to feel overwhelmed about what to do first.  Somebody “walking” alongside you makes life infinitely easier.

“Take that first step in faith.  You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just that first step” – Martin Luther King

Consider today taking that first step with me towards a more fulfilled life.

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