Resilience is Key in this Year of 2021

We all have face challenges and crises at some stage of our lives. Nobody is exempt. We are inclined however to underestimate our own potential to cope during those challenging times. The mind will always find its own place.

It can make a Heaven out of Hell or a Hell out of Heaven..  It’s not actually what happens to us that matters, it is more the importance we attach to it and following on from this how we deal with this situation.

Resilience is a unique journey for everybody.  We need to “box clever” during a crisis.  We need to protect our health at all costs.  To do this, we must work at becoming rational thinkers.  Prolonged stress is bad for us but a degree of stress is helpful…..without a little stress we can drift along aimlessly.  Unhealthy stress however eats away at our health and happiness.

Our Internal Self-Talk – Our Interpretation of Past and Present

Exploring our Thoughts

  • Is what we’re thinking helpful to our current situation?
  • Is it absolutely true?
  • Am I right to be as annoyed as I am?
  • Is there another way of making sense of this?
  • How much does this really matter after all?
  • Self-balance, the past is over, it cannot be changed so move on.
  • Over analysis can lead to paralysis, so do not over analyze situations
  • Always remember you are not on your own with whatever issue you have, you share imperfections and challenges with your fellow human beings.
  • We all make mistakes but don’t forget worse things happen to others.
  • You need to mind yourself not beat yourself up.

Unlearn that Sense of Helplessness

Always remember our failures are only temporary setbacks.  Always a lesson to be learnt from our apparent failures.  Never underestimate your own potential, begin doing different things differently.  Change does not have to be negative, out of change there can be great opportunities.

Be Social

Over the past 30 to 50 years houses have become closer to each other but people have become further apart.  Try to remain social no matter your circumstances.  Be involved in your community, this does not cost anything, it is a networking opportunity as well as an opportunity for you to give to others.  In the midst of this do not forget that attitude of gratitude, count your blessings and viewing what is right in your life rather than what is wrong.

Basking in the NOW

  • Do not be trapped in yesterday.
  • Do not let the past throw a shadow over your today.
  • Respect the past but do not be governed by it.
  • Do not allow the past hold you back or yield to anxieties about the future.
  • Today is a Gift.

Increase the Flow

When you are “in the flow” your anxieties and worries are not “in the room with you”, e.g. digging the garden, playing golf, playing a musical instrument.  During Celtic Tiger years we became that job.  We abandoned the measure of pleasure doing the things we loved doing.

The statistics tell us that there is 10 times more depression now than in 1960’s. It is up to us to invest in humor.  One of the best therapies is laughter, keep the sunny side out as much as possible.  It’s never too late to become healthy and happy.  Do not underestimate your ability, we all have huge potential within ourselves.

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