Resilience is a word I consider very appropriate as we are hopefully easing out of lockdown and coming to terms with living with Covid 19. At this time we need to dig deep into our resources which can be challenging when we face set- backs in our work or personal lives. However, try not to lose hope as with a little support remember you can always bounce back.

With all the uncertainty still affecting each and every one of us in some shape or form, it is important we try to maintain our wellbeing in every way that is possible and within our reach. This is not the time to look at the horizon but rather to focus on the ground below us and keep going the way we have been over past year in Ireland. Cooperation is the key to get us out of this pandemic. Whilst some of us may be feeling a little confused or even a bit lost right now with concerns about our futures. Why not begin the habit of journaling daily. By writing down your morning thoughts daily you will gain clarity around your concerns now that will have lasting impact for further down the line....As J. K. Rowling put it “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I re-built my life”
Begin today and keep it going...
We have thousands of thoughts trailing through our minds each day, some of which are the same as yesterday and more that are new. Try developing the habit of capturing the positive thoughts at the end of each day that are of benefit to you and forget the rest! A waste of valuable energy.

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