Self-Belief – Part 1

When  you stop believing in yourself, What’s the Impact?

 I’m quite sure that many of you reading this right now, know what it feels like to have lost that confidence, to have that low self-belief, to have that doubt in the pit of your stomach, to have that uncertainty.  I want to encourage you right here and now to re-gain your power in  providing you with this series of  steps that you can apply in order to boost your self-belief and self-confidence.


This process starts as soon as you commit to start it; it can be right after one of the negative experiences, or it can be later: the decision is entirely yours; what’s important to note is that, in my experience, the faster you apply it, the less time you get to let these negative experiences result in lowering your self-belief more and more as each day passes.

To begin with recall a negative experience you feel is still weighing you down;

Whatever happened, an event, a person, a situation, be thankful for it.  This may appear daunting but begin with being thankful it made you stronger. And, being thankful does not mean that you approve of what  happened; it does however mean that you accept it did, so that you can take that control back. These events, people, situations do not deserve to have any power over you. It happened, and you can shift to a place of thanks for having made you stronger and be grateful.

Whatever has happened, ask yourself: what can I learn from it? I believe that challenges make us stronger by teaching us lessons. I can think back on all of the negative experiences in my life and identify at least one lesson per event that has served me later on in my journey. This is an impactful way to shift this around even more, as out of a negative experience, you can find a positive one. Remember, there is at least one silver lining in any situation but you will only find it if you look for it. It is time to learn from it now and GET BACK UP.

It is NOW time to let go. The instant you decide to let go of whatever it is you need to let go of to progress you will. You need to decide that it is now time to step out of that victim role.  That negative experience has had enough power over you. It happened: let go of the past and focus on the empowering fact that you can do everything you want NOW to shape your future and LET GO.

The main driving force of my business is to ensure I am out there helping people push through their current issues and encouraging believe that they can, and furthermore, that they can achieve what they initially thought was impossible.

Watch out for Part 2 of Believing In Yourself in my next BLOG.

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