Self-Belief – Part 2

When you stop believing in yourself, you negatively impact absolutely everything that matters to you. Sometimes our beliefs are weighed down by a lot of stuff. But, the great news is that our beliefs are still there. It is a matter of removing the superflous stuff we’ve focused on for far too long. Your self-belief: it is here, still in you, as you know you can because you’ve done it before.

Recall your “Centre of Excellence” (occasion wherby you tackled a major challenge previously and succeeded) You know where it is as you can feel it. Connect and BELIEVE. 

You’ve done the inside work, you are ready, and it is time to take action. Your dreams deserve your dedication & commitment. Go and make it happen and ACT.


Did you know that music is an incredibly powerful tool? There haves been many studies,which prove that music changes your brain wave state:

  • To help you release tension,
  • Boost your awareness,
  • Enhance your inspiration and motivation,
  • Help you assimilate information better.  Is it any wonder then that I have recently begun to learn the mandolin, what a lovely instrument! I also play piano music and I enjoy greatly attending concerts and sessions listening to great musicians play at their best…..

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