Spring Clean Your Life

Your Health

Now is that time of year that a good spring-clean will prove beneficial to not just your home, but also to yourself.  A good spring clean, whatever time of the year, is healthy both mentally and physically.  Healthy body, healthy mind!  I’m not referring to some drastic diet, but what about cutting out the junk food?  Try and get into a routine of eating regularly and healthily.  You lighten up on every level, not just loosing weight but gaining more energy in the process instead of that sluggish winter feeling.  Why not try and cut down on the coffee and alcohol and increase the intake of pure water.  The important thing is no excess – whatever your weakness!

 You’re Clothes

 Then there’s that delicate area of your wardrobe!  You might ask, “What does clearing out my wardrobe have to do with clearing the mind”?  Quite a lot actually, its’ all part of the process of clearing out and getting rid of superfluous “things” you don’t need in your life any more.  It gives you space mentally to let in all the exciting, new challenges that are coming your way!

Your Office

 Clutter is different in everybody’s life, and it varies from your answering machine loaded with old messages to e.mails on your computer.  Just set aside a period of time to delete all voice mails and e.mails that you know you will not use again.  A busy desk is always going to be somewhat cluttered, but try and clear away the non-essentials every night.


Sort out your financial paperwork, too.   Put pending bills in an accessible place, and file away your old cheque books and bank statements.  Make a habit of organising your receipts and bills in an orderly way.  Start with a grand sweep of all the paper clutter you’ll never need again, giving a thought to the poor trees that are sacrificed to give us this overload of documents and information!!.

For many of us, space and time are probably two of the most difficult commodities to find in our busy twenty-first century lives so if you feel you could do with some help in making more time and space in your life why not get to touch below.

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