The Game of Life


Perhaps  the most salient point about humans is that we have the precious gift of personality, of individuality in a way that goes beyond that of other animals, because we can think, plan, and create something that did not exist in nature before.  But some people make more of themselves than others.

So accentuate your differences.  Become yourself as early as possible – as Oscar Wilde quipped, “everyone else is taken”.  Don’t work in a job where you cannot express your individuality or have to suppress major parts of it, except to learn a skill that you can then develop in your own direction.  Don’t be satisfied with anything that is not fully and utterly satisfying for you, whether in your career or life generally.  Don’t accept constraints – whatever they are – that stop your personality and distinctive take on life from flowering to the full.


The most priceless thing we have is our mind.  Training the mind and developing should be everybody’s principal objective throughout life.  Education is not something that is done to you within the first quarter of your time on earth, but something you do for yourself all the time.  There is no point in acquiring knowledge in anything that doesn’t excite you, but if nothing about which you can gain knowledge excites you, you might as well not exist.  Knowledge can be very specialized but using the mind is the most enjoyable thing any of us can do.  It also has other benefits, ranging from a longer life and better health, to acquiring more money.  Learn everything that you are really interested in, and then learn what nobody else knows.


Humans are different because we have mind and spirit.   Although closely linked, they are different properties.  The spirit is the the part that belongs to our will, our conscience, our determination, our aspirations, the mental energy and emotion that powers our mind.

Spirit is our access to that mysterious entity called the unconscious – our own individual unconscious mind and that of society and the universe generally.

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