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Mental fitness has 3 Elements or Competencies.

1.Self-Worth requires actions at the edge of our comfort zone.   We must prove to ourselves that we are valuable human beings.  However, you cannot give self-worth to another human being.  I am not responsible for anybody else’s self-worth.

2.  Self-Discipline and Habit

Self-Discipline requires great habits Self-discipline/habits – What are your habits like??, e.g. have you given up asking lunch breaks?

Have you gone for a recent check-up although you feel great?  Have you chosen to continue to “stare” at TV each night instead of moving from the couch to the door and out for that walk?

Check In with yourself on a regular basis – What’s your mood like at the moment?

Habit Intelligence HI

We are creatures of habit.  Both good and bad habits.  We are good at both. The following are recommendations for starting a new good habit:

  • Habits should be easy.  If your new habit requires motivation and will power you are starting too big.  Keep working it down so it does’nt depend on motivation eg The Ten Second walk
  • A new habit should be triggered by an existing behavior. Continuing to choose Coronation st. instead of going for a short walk
  • Your environment should help with your habit e.g the 10- second Rule.  If the banjo is more than 10 seconds away from where you spend most of your time you won’t practice enough.

 3.  Resilience and Grit

Resilience requires brilliant basics.  Competency No. 3 of Mental Fitness  Resilience and Grit  Setbacks

Recovery and resilience.  How long does it take you to get back to top form??

Energy Management

Stress eats energy, discipline eats stress, therefore discipline (habit) creates energy.  Going for that walk is not stress management.  It’s going for a walk when it’s the last thing, you feel like doing (discipline/ grit) going for that walk even when it’s raining, that’s stress management and creates energy.

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