Top Tips to get the best from Your Day

When we get stressed our minds go into overdrive. There will always be a lot of demands on people and their time, energy and finances. Expectations can also be high so we start stressing. We must remember that this stress can cause a physical reaction in our bodies because our minds and bodies are very connected.

However, what one person views as stress somebody else may not deem it to be so.  It’s up to us all to manage our own stress in the best way possible.

  • Ground yourself in the moment and press the “pause” button and remember you always have a choice.
  • Do somebody a good turn unconditionally.  Be aware of the ways you can make a valuable contribution to society.
  • Try not to fault anyone you meet on your journey today.   Do not try to change anybody else or their activities.  Change can only be effective when we change ourselves first.
  • Even for this one day have a programme/goal.  Understand and respect your own goals.  A speciality is very important.  Set short-term goals and let them grow.  Change them as you go. This will keep you on track for this one day and save you from time-wasting indecision.
  • Recognise opportunities when they come along.
  • Slot in some time/times into your day whereby you will have leisure to do exactly what you want to do, be it a walk in the park or a swim in the sea.  This “down time” will enable you to think about life and discover where you are at.
  • During this day travel with confidence without carrying any fear of what is or is not to come your way.  Be unafraid of your next step.
  • Get rid of your guilt feelings.  Do it and forget the negatives or else just don’t do it – yesterday has gone, today is a new day.
  • Before retiring at night list all the good things that came your way during the day, no matter how small, check deep within your psyche and find the positives.  Keep a record of all those positives in each given day and review them any time you feel “below par”.

Consider even some of those tips listed above and you will find you will become a healthier, happier human being.  All of those ideas are within your grasp but if you regard it a little daunting to make changes to the habits of a life time, it need not be a “solo run”, why not call on the help of a Life Coach.   A Coach can journey with you through the changes you would love to achieve.

Statistics show that people who are supported are most effective in their personal and business lives, they are seven times more likely to achieve the goals they desire.  A Coach will recommend action steps towards the goal of their choice and review progress regularly along the way.

Why should you journey alone?  We visit the doctor when we have a physical ailment, a dentist when we need to preserve our teeth.  When we need support on the route to achieving a new goal do not hesitate to call a Life Coach.

  • If you are feeling dissatisfied with your life
  • Re-evaluating your life choices
  • Making a career transition or facing redundancy


  • Simply looking for personal and professional break-throughs.

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