Top Tips Towards Your Better Life as You Approach the Later Phase!

 1.     Concept of Slash Careers, i. e. the career of necessity all your working years followed by choosing the career you love for the later part of your life.

2.     Physical Activity – Critical for over 55’s health and well-being.  Physical Activity connects with cognition skills, the better our thinking will be. The myth says that as we grow older our cells continue to die, but in fact our cells also keep growing.  Exercise enhances our cells to grow.  Evidence shows that with regular exercise our thinking improves with age.

3.     Generativity stage  – late 40’s/50s.  That stage is about giving back .  Volunteering enhances our well-being.  Evidence proves this.  What group or arena of life do you feel you would like to give of your service to?  Is there any sphere or organization who you feel strongly towards giving of your services to?

  4.     Pastimes/Playtimes.  Research has discovered that angry people often times did not have sufficient play time in their younger years.  Past Time is regretfully regarded as a “non-purpose” activity.  It enhances our cognitive ability .   It boosts our living significantly to loose yourself in your pastime., Reading, cooking T.V

5.     New Learning, e.g. to play an instrument, computer studies, i.e. Kendal.  Expanding your knowledge.

6.       Creativity Process – Creating something out of nothing.  We can have creativity scars from perhaps school time not acknowledging our great abilities,  We can get stuck in this age when we were critized  instead of accentuating all our positives.  We need to work on changing the chemistry of our brains to positive emotions, e. G. Art, developing a talent.  Composing a piece of music.

7.     How To Create a New Structure in your Day

8.     Values – re-assess your life –  your values and try living according to same.

 9.     Friends – friendships past 55 are of vital importance.

10.    Home Environment to change environment around you in which you thrive.

When you are going through change on the inside what changes do you need to work on in order to create an environment which enhances your living?.

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