Watch That Mood following the Christmas Season!

The mega Christmas excitement is coming to a close. What next we may be asking ourselves?? As another Year dawns it is imperative on us to keep ourselves in a positive mind frame? Coping strategies can include, distracting ourselves from our stresses or “changing the channel”.

Do not choose the company of people who only see what’s wrong with the world, it will only drag you down. Have you noticed during this past week as the turkey was still cooking!!!!! Department store sales were being advertised….. every station is focusing in on same… Do we need to hear this now following all the extravagant spending prior to Christmas?!

Would it not be more beneficial for much more air space to focus on the positive news of the day…..There are good things in everybody’s life, but you sometimes have to remember to focus on those same things or else add them to the mix of your day!

Statistics have proven that children who are taught optimism and resourcefulness in their early years will have a high level of contentment down the line. We must all empower ourselves with coping strategies for challenging times (and those challenging times can particularly arrive in the form of credit card bills following the month of December….).

Exercise changes your brain chemistry and induces natural happy hormones (endorphins) from the inside, so you feel better. So do not sacrifice that daily walk even though you may be in the “mindset” of “chill out and relax” Exercise has proven to help those suffering from mild depression. Be careful, however, when taking that walk or whatever form of exercise not to take your troubles or negative thoughts with you. Your thoughts rule your life, so let them be positive. Negative thinking has a corrosive effect on you and you become hard on yourself. If you’re angry about something, or have had a negative interaction with a family member around the Christmas gathering, remember the anger is down to youNobody injects you with it…. Things happen to thousands of people, but you can choose how you rationalize things for yourself.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemies when it comes to our thoughts. If somebody has a defeatist attitude, such as “nothing will work” or there is no point talking to anyone” they will remain stuck and not “let the light in”.

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