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Ireland is a nation brimming with good intentions. The most common excuse all round is that we simply do not have the motivation.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” – Confucius

Volumes have been written about “dreaming big”, but I think a much more important factor here is “action”.  As the saying goes “an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory”.  Action is not of course everybody’s favorite topic, why? because it involves work!  It involves pushing ourselves beyond our “comfort zone” and often just because “the couch is too comfortable” in those winter months in particular!.  Often times we procrastinate until the consequences of our “in-action” forces a “reaction”, (e.g. health problem due to lack of exercise).  So without waiting for a reaction or a setback to jolt us out of our “comfort zones” let us begin now before the beautiful month of June, 2021 is out. Half way through our year.

If we don’t clearly outline our goal/s it will be impossible for us to plan any action.  So begin by identifying those one or two strong goals and write them down.  Next step is to write down the very first action you must take to get started.   If you do not write all of this down all your best intentions will get lost in the barrage of everyday activities.

If it s weight loss, there is a lot of support around via T.V and your area groups etc.  However, if it is giving up smoking or gaining basic computer knowledge or learning the guitar, take that first step before the end of this week.  Nothing major, even an enquiry re. location of a course in your locality, price and time.  Second step decide how you will factor the time into your day.

Thirdly  how you will manage your finances in order to pay for this course or new activity.

The importance of deadlines cannot be stressed enough.

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” – Napoleon Hill

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