What Habits Make you More Effective?

We’re now in our sixth week of 2016!
So how are all the resolutions you made coming along?
Are you doing the same things that you did last year or have you begun to form any new positive habits?

You might have heard the saying “habits become second nature”. As cliché as this may sound, it is in fact quite true. Habits lay the ground to what we make of our lives – good or bad. They determine our actions; they lead to results, and ultimately they make us a success or a failure. In other words, habits determine our outcomes.

This is as true when it comes to your personal life, as it is in your professional life. If you choose to exercise for 45 minutes after work every day you will be fit. If you choose to drink beer with your friends instead, chances are you won’t.

Habits are indeed very powerful. They are those patterns of behaviour and actions that we take without even thinking about it because we either feel it is right or we are simply used to doing it. Imagine the following situation – a successful professional who earns well by applying his specialised knowledge in a certain field; and somebody working at a shop counter. The two might have very similar personality traits, both might be smart, both may have a high potential. Yet one is considered a success and the other mediocre. The one main difference between the two? One chose to spend two hours a day in front of the TV while the other chose to spend two hours a day reading and educating himself in something far more useful. In other words – the habits.

The difference between success and failure lies in your habits. That being said, it is helpful to reflect on what you do every now and then and adjust your habits to make the best of your time and effort.  If you can control your actions, you can control your life and ultimately your success.

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