Where are We as Another Year end approaches?

As we approach another year end there can be much anxiety around assessing the goals we achieved or did not achieve (as the case may be) during the past year. Anxiety surrounding imminent job loss or fear of what might happen can cloud our vision and prevent us making positive plans towards our future.

Where to Begin

 Firstly, DO something. Don’t say, “I can’t”, however fearful you may feel.  Action will empower you. That first step will be the most difficult, but also the most empowering. Keep taking action steps daily.  Retrain as soon as possible.

To do what you may ask?

Make a list of your top five “outside work” interest areas remembering where you are most creative.  Now explore all job and self-employment possibilities within those areas.  Don’t even consider, “I could’nt do that”.  View this list and decide what re-training is needed? Decide, and begin a course.  Just do it.  It will never be a waste of time when it’s an area that you’re passionate about.  Decide now, that you’re not going to become part of the “moaning and whining” club!  Move on and tell people what your definite next step is going to be.  This is a new positive message you are sending out.

Do What You Love To do as far as is Possible

 You are designed in such a way that you will be most successful and most enjoy doing the very things that you have the ability to be the very best at.  Do consider the list below when you are applying for that course or considering what to do next in your career.

What is it you enjoy most about work or work you could do?

  • The very fact that you enjoy this particular work means that you have the capability to be excellent in this area?
  • One of the great responsibilities in your life is for you to decide what it is that you really love to do and then to throw your whole heart into doing it to the best of your ability.
  • Look at the many tasks and responsibilities you have had in the past.  Compliment yourself on your successes.
  • What is it that gets you excited and gets you the most compliments from other people or past employers?

Successful, happy people are invariably those who have taken the time to identify what they do well and most enjoy.   Believe in yourself and you will succeed. What you do today will help decide your future.

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